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  Ye Ze Fang is established in August 2012. After four years of research, Ye Ze Fang have completed the laboratory stereotypes, and they've decided to start working on a high end edible coconut oil project. In November of the same year, the project was submitted to the Baoting Government and in the following December the project was approved. Shen ling village had been chosen as the base for the factory
  In 2013 August Hainan Baoting Ye Ze Famg Food Co., Ltd. completed the registration, the same year in October the laboratory and factory built. This year Ye Ze fang's employee experienced countless sleepless nights, expended countless coconuts and the innovators at Ye Ze Fang finally can produce the best coconut oil in their factory .A plant that mass produced at least 300 tons of coconut oil was finally finished built .Ye Ze fang's coconut oil had filled the absence of domestic usage of coconut oil. ,changing china's history in lacking organic  coconut oil (VCO)
  Ye Ze Fang walk down from the Hill’s of Seven fairies. Their product is seen on various type of marts, ranging from , hypermarkets ,local shops, duty free shops to airports. In 2015, Ye Ze Fang has also managed to enter big malls like the Yong Wong and BHG. After numerous researches, innovations and integrity managements, Ye Ze Fang has become the major market shareholder in seeking coconut oil
  In 2015,Ye Ze Fang had signed a agreement of cooperation with China Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science ,It will support Ye Ze Fang to train technician and product development. Regarded by the National Center for Tropical Crop Research and Technology as coconut product ‘s base. Ye Ze Fang in 2016 completed part of the makeup product planning and development.
  Beginning in 2017,company decide to enter the Yang Pu Free Trade Zone. Investing a new factory that can produce at least 5000 ton a year, It became China’s largest high-end edible coconut oil production base and cosmetic coconut oil production base. This project is greatly valued by YangPu Port Free Zone Administration . Ye Ze Fang is also supported by China oil Association. At the same time we had signed a long term technical cooperation with Wuhan Polytechnic University. Ye Ze Fang is expected to achieve the first phase of investment in October this year.